Employer Questionnaire for TN Visa Petition

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  1. The service’s regulations at 8CFR 214.2(h)(2)(i)(B) provide that an H petition, which requires services to be performed in more than one location must include an itinerary with the dates and locations of the services to be performed. If applicable, please submit a detailed itinerary of the work sites the beneficiary is to be assigned to, to include specific dates, locations, and clients that the beneficiary will be servicing. The USCIS may request a copy of the contract with the ultimate end user which specifically mentions the beneficiary and the duties he will perform with that end user, or a letter from the end user on appropriate letterhead which should be signed by a competent official and provide contact information for the official. The letter should name the beneficiary, describe the job duties and provide a length expected assignment of the beneficiary.

    If it is your claim that the beneficiary will be working on in-house projects, submit evidence describing the in-house projects, the length of time the beneficiary will work on those projects, invoices showing the sale of that product to customers of the petitioner, and a letter from the clients which are using that product. The USCIS may require you to provide letters from customers of the petitioner to verify that the petitioner’s products are being used by them. Such letters must be written on appropriate letterhead containing the name, address, fax, and/or telephone number of each customer. If the project is in a development stage provide evidence of the market research that has been conducted which indicates there is a demand for the service or project and evidence that you will be able to fund the project for the term of the employee’s employment. Also, indicate the clients and contact information for those clients that have preliminary contracts for project being developed.

  1. If applicable, provide the following technical environment information

  2. Please provide the following daily task activity information
  3. If applicable, team composition and size
  4. Name, Title, and Email Address of the person completing this Questionnaire if different from the Signatory listed above:
  5. What is the result of below calculation?