Employee Questionnaire For TN Visa Petition

Please provide the necessary information about your company or institution in the spaces provided below. The TN application will not begin until we receive this questionnaire.

Documents Required

  1. Employment Contract or Offer Letter;
  2. Copy of your Passport with all visas and entry/exit stamp(s);
  3. Copy of your Form I-94;
  4. Copy of ALL Form I-797 Approval Notices for nonimmigrant status including (H-1B/H-4, L-1/L-2, TN/TD, E-1/E-2, E-3, etc);
  5. Copy of I-140 Approval notice(s) (if applicable)
  6. J-1/J-2 documentation (DS 2019 and any other related documents and/or waivers) (if applicable);
  7. Current pay stub(s);
  8. Copies of experience letters, resume and state professional license (if applicable);
  9. Copies of ALL degrees (both front and back), certificates, diploma(s) and transcripts;
  10. Education and/or education/experience evaluation (if applicable);
  11. Copies of professional licenses (if applicable)
  12. Resume

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  1. Has a Permanent Residency Labor Certification Application ever been filed for you?

  2. Has an I-140 ever been filed for you?

Terms of Engagement – Representation

Joseph Kallabat & Associates, PC (hereafter "JK&A") will solely represent your Employer in connection with the requested TN Visa Petition services (the Services). Please review the below information and by submitting the questionnaire you have no objections to JK&A's representation of your Employer in connection with the Services.

The I-129 nonimmigrant petition is an Employer sponsored petition. You desire that JK&A provide the Services in a manner most likely to result in the expeditious issuance of the TN Visa Petition on your behalf. Please note JK&A's obligation to represent and respect the wishes of your Employer is our primary responsibility. JK&A does have a duty to your Employer and any information that is material to the representation of either party will be disclosed accordingly.

There are several issues which you must be aware of concerning JK&A's representation of your Employer. The first concerns our obligation of confidentiality. Attorneys are under a duty not to disclose to anyone any information disclosed by a client to the attorney in confidence. JK&A will not disclose any information that you provide to us in connection with the Services to any third party. However, JK&A's representation will obligate us to disclose your information that is material information relating to the representation to your Employer without regard to whether such information constitutes a client confidence or secret. Second, at issue in any representation setting is the Attorney's ability to represent its client with zeal and loyalty, should a conflict arise. There always exist potential areas of conflict in representation situations.

Should an actual conflict between you and your Employer arise, JK&A will inform both parties of the feasibility of JK&A's continued representation. Should JK&A find our continued representation is in both parties interest, we will, after full disclosure, continue your representation. JK&A's main consideration will be whether we can, in fact, zealously represent both parties without compromising our loyalties to either. Yet, should a dispute be such that the parties decide to litigate, by agreeing to the terms listed here, you allow JK&A to choose to continue representation of your Employer without your prior consent should we so choose. Any information we have obtained during this representation, whether confidential or not, can be disclosed by us.

By submitting the TN Visa Petition questionnaire you acknowledge that you understand the potential advantages and disadvantages of this representation, and that you have decided to proceed with this representation. You hereby waive your right to disqualify JK&A from representing your Employer in other immigration matters.

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